A Biological & Psychological Look At Orgasms

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Orgasms aren’t magical

The power of sex you want and really enjoy

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Why emotional benefits of sex matter — but also don’t

So that your partner really hears you

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Give It Some Thought

Different levels of desire in your relationships

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What differences in desire does to couples

Morning routines aren’t just for CEOs — here’s one for sex and emotional connection

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Journaling, meditation and a cup of matcha-latte might be the morning routine of CEOs — but setting your day up for success shouldn’t only center on business and personal development. By crafting your morning routine for sex and emotional connection, you’ll be increasing the longevity and happiness of your relationship — and that’s certainly worth a few minutes in the morning.

What are morning routines?

Over the years, morning and evening routines (or rituals as they’re sometimes called), have become a bit of a staple in self-help books. …

Because what you don’t say is just as important

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4 Different Types Of Nonverbal Communication In A Relationship

Consciously use touch

And how to resolve them

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Not having an orgasm at all

There’s nothing wrong with you if…

It’s less about positions and more about your brain

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How to rekindle sexual desire in a long-term relationship is less about new positions — and more about working your brain.

Written by a sex and relationship therapist

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1. Work out what you want

And why it matters — written by a sex therapist

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As with everything else in life, sex doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes it leaves us feeling happy — but other times it makes us feel empty, sad or frustrated. If you’re asking yourself “why do I feel emotional after sex?” — you’ll want to consider the three reasons below.

The Three Answers to Your Question: Why Do I Feel Emotional After Sex?

Sexual disappointment

Sex often demands of us to be vulnerable and open with another person (or people).

Leigh Norén, MSc

Sex therapist and writer with a Master of Science in Sexology. Offers free online resources and sex coaching. www.leighnoren.com

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